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skateboard vs. roller skating wheels?
My skates have very little ankle support and my trucks are crazy loose. I find my rollerskates to be way more comfortable then my old rollerblades. I did have an old pair of Rollerblade TRS's and they felt pretty good. After my oldschool days at the skatepark in the early 80's, I only skated ramps. With ramps I don't think there is much of a difference between inline and quads. Now that I am back in the bowls, I see a huge difference with my quads. I love to carve and grind. I think I have a different view on inlines than most. I am an oldschool quad skater who skated inline for many years and I definitely respect what they do and really don't see much of a difference. I came across an oldschool skateboarder the other day who explained to his student that I was a rollerskater, which was cool and not a rollerblader. I personally don't get the division and the trash talk between the different types of skating. I was on a skateboard everyday for five years during college and skated ramps with my inlines whenever I could find a ramp. But, to me, it is all cool. I love watching xtreme sports and love watching the bmx people and the moto people and the skateboarders and the snowboarders. Talent is talent and fun is fun.

: : Your new style skates look a lot better to me than the old ones, but $5 is a damn good deal.
: :
: My 265s are my favorites since I can move a lot in them. These hockey ones are MUCH narrower. more comfortable, shorter and much more flexible then any other hockey skate. I hated those other ones after a short while. Couldnt get them snug. I will sell them I think.
: I just will probably put the longer/wider plates on my 265s now after I test these to make sure thats what I'm after, thats all. And Riedell is making the heel so it wont slip anymore. The hockey ones are GREAT street skates tho! They are much heavier too which I wouldnt like on ramps not to mention the rigidity at the ankle. I love to bend to move. Man, love these wheels on them, donno what they are though lol. Right now my feet dont hurt at all with them on so I have something rigid to roll with if I am hurt. Just feels great to roll again! :-D One week is toooooo long.
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