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skateboard vs. roller skating wheels?
: I am starting to realize that it is all about preference. I grew up skating on some stock Chicago skates that were probably never meant for vert, but they worked for me. I skated my entire skate life with tiny little trucks and I was fine with it. I know that a lot of the old school skaters have just thrown together their set up and made it work for them. I don't think skates were ever designed for vert and it seems everyone just adapts to what they have or create what they want. As far as wheels go, it really depends on what you want. I would suggest that since you are fairly new at skating vert that you should not worry about your wheels too much. Skateboard wheels are typically harder, which gives you more speed. If you are not doing huge airs, then I would not worry too much about the fastness of your wheels. I recently started skating on custom skates from rollergirl and they have 52mm 101 hardness wheels. I find them to be a little slippery and not fast enough. They also get flat spots very easily. I am going to buy some 60mm bones bowl riders. I would say that you can get by with almost any outdoor wheel. I think that I have ridden on such basic skates for so long that I don't think it matters too much. Just ride what feels comfortable and buy new equipment when you need it. I think most of the good skaters out there could skate on just about any skates as long as they are comfortable. I am currently looking for more speed because I am getting into carving really fast and the faster the better for me.
Thats good to hear! I actually like my roller bones wheels a lot so I'll stick with them since they work for me. I didnt know if I were missing out in something and should consider elsewise later on. I've been skating on them for months and really not a scratch, or dent on them. The speed wheels died in 2 weeks! They are 97a, perfect for me. So that means I can leave the axels alone for now. They aren't centered, but not a problem with the roller skating wheels. I was wondering if I should try to center them since I know these could accomodate skateboard wheels if I did.

The trucks though are both much wider and longer then mine. I absolutely LOVE them that way! I had no idea...... I really dont feel I can fall over at all now no matter how I land or sk8. Its like driving in an SUV versus a Yugo where you know a little crash will kill ya. I feel invincible lol. So I might stick with this all around. Even if its mostly mental, most of aggressive skating IS mental. I will see how they handle on the ramps when I am fully healed. I think because I have such narrow heels, I love this sideways stability. I hurt my foot by falling over sideways....... I guess the big trucks are similar to wearing a wrist guard after I sprained my wrist. I dont care to repeat injuries.

Heres the comparison of trucks. Its almost an 1 1/2 between the wheels longer and an inch wider on those hockey skates and they are the same fit. Those plates were very small.

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