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A question on Smith Scabs recaps?
: I'll try it again! The tape didnt stick well enough. I'll try to bend them. Here, I am absolutely the only outdoor quad skater period. I have honestly never in my whole life seen someone on quads outside much less aggressive skate. The boarders and kids really dont wear much in the way of pads, maybe protecs.

I also didn't learn it from a rollerskater but from a skateboarder. And yes, it is a bit tricky to attach those recaps.

The street and miniramp skateboarders seem to think that pads are uncool. Very few of them wear any.

Together with Chris Eggers and some of his skateboard friends I once did a web project against this perception called (Wear Your Helmet). It had been started under the impression of a skater who died in the skatepark Hard skating there without helment before its opening.
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