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Thank you Irene!!
If they pop off again, I will certainly do that!! Yes, they are NOT the same shape.......they should fix that. Otherwise, love those pads! They are hot with the gaskets on in 90 degree weather but its like falling on a pilliow. :-D They dont move around on me and my knees dont knock. I can still kick up my heels too!
: I used 3M double-stick tape. It's foam about 1/16 thick and I used alot of it. Heat up the strips before applying the stick. I used a lighter after peeling one side, apply heat and stick. Caps never came off. Roll up a towel or something to fit into the knee pocket and put it under heavy weights overnite. The caps aren't exactly the right shape, I them about that, too. I think velcro works, like Gambin suggested. Once with Pro-designed knee pads, I used short screws put around the top and sides, that works if you don't mind the metal. Hope this helps.
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