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Irene (videos by Irene) (pictures by Irene)
Anyone from scandinavia?
Hi, Majja,
Welcome to the forum. Alway happy to have another rollerskater join this growing family. Again, kudos to Bernhard, for creating this wonderful site for all of us to meet. I recently acquired Daniel from Vancouver. Until his relocation to the states, I was the only vert rollerskater in NYC. Though my skateboarder buddies are great, it's nice to have another rollerskater to hang with. I got my first rollerskates as a child and still remember how much fun it was then. But I could never have imagined how much fun it is now. Here's a pic from last Saturday. I can't recall any rollers from Scandinavia, though surely there must be some. It thrills me to know that this type of skating will continue with new skaters like you and Claudine joining up. Everyone on this forum is great, friendly and full of info and innovation. Good luck and welcome aboard mate.
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