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: : When I first did this, I would get up there and stand and think to myself, OMG, OMG, I'm gonna die lol!
: Claudine, you had the courage to really drop into a ramp much sooner than me. Took me some years. Before that, I always did a kind of backward sit-in which I have never seen done by someone else. But it is the safest way to drop into a ramp!

Really? I thought it took me a LONG time. I feel like I try things very hesitantly. But when I injure myself, I don't want to do that again soon so I slow down. Plus I don't have medical insurance. Just sometimes I get out there and have so much fun and forget I might hurt myself lol.

I am going to try stalls again this weekend. Its really hard to do things with a knee brace on but this park closes for the winter in 3 weeks and that was on my list. I'm going past the coping so now somehow I need to straighten myself up! Cant decide if front or back would be easier. Or try the spine lol.

Thanks for the kind words. When I came to this forum, honestly I was intimidated. I see pics of all you guys that are way beyond me, I'm embarrassed. But to learn its best to post and then newbies like Majja will be more open to post and try cause she knows then that its OK to start at the beginning and start smaller. I want to document my beginnings to where ever I get so people understand that it takes time and practice to get good and wont get discouraged.
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