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: Really? I thought it took me a LONG time. I feel like I try things very hesitantly.

There are really fundamentally different people. You can see it already with very small kids. Some just go for it and some are careful. Some are talented with respect to moving their body through space, some are not. I am very untalented with respect to sports and also very cautious. But I do like roller skating! So I just keep on doing it in my limited way. Almost all roller skaters I have met so far have always been cool and not looked down on me for not being so good as them. That has always been an additional motivation. I think this also has to do with the roller skating scene being small. When inline was big there were quite some inliners who got snobby.

: But when I injure myself, I don't want to do that again soon so I slow down.

Same with me but not with the "go for it" types. They seem to stop only when they really can't move any more.

: Plus I don't have medical insurance.

The US seem to be particularly bad in this respect. I have seen the film "Sicko" by Michael Moore. It seems that you are in trouble even when you have insurance. :-((

: Cant decide if front or back would be easier. Or try the spine lol.

I can't do a backside stall, so to me the frontside version is easier. Can be different for other people.

: When I came to this forum, honestly I was intimidated. I see pics of all you guys that are way beyond me, I'm embarrassed.

Hehe. There's something to reach out for! Yes, I have to admit: I particularly like the aesthetics of skate pics.

: But to learn its best to post and then newbies like Majja will be more open to post and try cause she knows then that its OK to start at the beginning and start smaller. I want to document my beginnings to where ever I get so people understand that it takes time and practice to get good and wont get discouraged.

This is a very honorable job you are doing. I think every bit that helps vertical roller skating holding its own is a good thing.
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