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Heres a good beginner pic
Here is a good way to get "propped" to drop in. I do this sometimes. When I'm balanced, I just jump in! I just started back again from an injury droppin in and cant bend my knees much right now cause of 2 knee braces on, so the pics I have I really have to lean forward so I dont fall back. I cant wait to take off the braces (very soon!). I find most of skating is being loose in the knees and letting your body feel the changes and adjusting. I think this comes with time. So much is in the knees so I feel and look dorky right now. I thought I would post this cause there arent many pics on how to stand in the beginning before dropping in. Eventually most just stand and jump in but this is a nice way to start.

: My first pics are below! I will put more up later this week, supposed to be doing homework first lol. I've only been at it since June(?) But no pics beforehand. Most would be of me on my butt laughing my ass off lol. I donno why, I fall and crack up. Take care, just keep at it and dont get frustrated cause it takes time. If you do get discouraged, feel free to email me cause I'm humble and will be encourageing. But I will be happy to post my first tries at grinding/slides. It will be funny to watch!
: : Hej Claudine - your the best,thanks a million for your mail and this mess.!! It feels much easier to start now, your webpage is perfect! You are so nice to me - it would be great to se some pic. of you when you started. Im really impressed that you started this summer and allready are so good at it! For the first time I hope that the snow isnt coming soon so I can get started, I cant wait (I guess its my oldering crisis :-D ...)
: : Hej d - Majja
: :
: : : I sent you back an email!
: : :
: : : Everyone here is very nice. No need to worry for just starting. Most of these guys have been doing it for years but not me. Like I mentioned, just started this summer and totally fell in love with it. Its been the best time of my life since I started so trying to pass along what I've learned. Feel free to email me anytime cause always happy to help. And I will post some of my pics, my first tries and funny failures so you can learn from me and with me together. Or just humor yourself with my "goofy" skating. I'm just into it for fun and fun I am having. Oh cool! Its always nice to have another skating pal. :-D
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: : : : Hi Zorg
: : : : Thanks a lot! Now I have an idea of how to start, thats great. Its to bad that you dont know any scandinavian person whos quad skating, but Im going to try to take the inlines from at least one of my girlfriends so that I have someone to start with. That would be great..
: : : : Again, thanks, Majja
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: : : : : Hi Majja,
: : : : : Welcome on Bernhard forum!!! I know nobody from Scandinavia, but maybe some of the forum members/readers know, in any case it's one of the rare places where you can find others vert quad skaters.
: : : : : If you want to start learning vert, just use a helmet+other protecs and try (from the bottom!!!) to make circles, trying to go a bit higher at each loop. Try to learn to fall on your knee pads. Claudine has written the main tips here.
: : : : : Don't forget to rest between 2 runs, I usually spend this time for analysing was good/wrong in the previous run, and thinking about what to do in the next run....
: : : : : If you have fun, you will progress rapidly (See Claudine???)
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: : : : : Peace,
: : : : :
: : : : : Zorg
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: : : : : : Hello everyone
: : : : : : Im a girl from Sweden who wonders if anyone know any scandinavian rollerskater girl? I was rollerskating when I was a little girl and I just loved it!!! I have tryed some inlines and a little skateboarding but that was nothing compered with the feeling I hade with my old school rollerskaters! I saw some clips on the web with vertical rollerskating and it was awesome! That thought has never stiked me that I could take my old rollerskaters to a vert. I really want to try it, but I have never skated in a vert before, therfore it would be great with some advises. What should I start with, tricks etc.?
: : : : : : Hope to get some responce and help.
: : : : : : Best regards Majja
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