Vertical Rollerskating


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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
Love em!
Thanks Zorg for your help!! :-D

Gotta keep your knees bent, but they are great! FUN!! I passed a kid on a mountain bike and I think he was pissed cause he couldnt pass me lol. They are so fast and comfy. I dont think good for ramps or jumps with the short plates but they put you in a good fast position for speed. Give you room to bend a lot too. I can corner much better on these when you put your weight on the back wheels, they make really sharp turns. I'll put my skinny trucks on there so I can do tricks on them too. Now my legs hurt from skating lol. I love them!!

: Cool!!!!! Very nice skates!! now you are ready to catch inliners ;-)
: : Yep, like Walid Nouh's. I might go back to narrow trucks or I might put my old grind bar on them, I'll see. Right now I feel like I will fall backwards but I will be zooming cool on my rear wheels with these! The shoes are comfy. Off to test them, need to find a dry spot to slam on my a$$ a few lol!
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