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Love em!
Well, you are so lucky you can skate bowls everyday! I have no idea how you keep your skates so nice for so many years either? My dominions I ruined the toes, they are slammed in one so that toe hurts if I wear them then the sides give my ankles sores. So those are now gone.

But in the summer, I can go to the skatepark daily, just now at 5 pm its dark, cold, wet most days and the local parks are closed. The indoor ones are far. Plus, my body needs time to heal from the hip bruises lol! I need to learn to skate better, but I'm having fun trying to learn lip tricks!! I like my skates cause each pair can do something different. These new skates I can skate like Walid does and cruise on my rear wheels. I'm putting narrow trucks back on those. Its hard to cross over going fast with the wider trucks. So now if I have to work on a set of skates, I wont have to miss a day of skating.

: I really wonder how I get by with just one pair of skates? I actually have an older pair that I broke my elbow on, but I like my new pair better. I definitely would not like my skates for the street because of the wide trucks, but I am not much into street skating. Soon I will have a new board and hope to get comfortable skateboarding again.
: : 3 of them I use, 1 will be on sale soon, 1 on the way and some spare parts left from 2 skates which are no longer, so essentially 4 full skates, 5 if I dont sell the art skates. I'm sure I will have spare wheels for each skate one day too lol. I love my family!!!!!!!!
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: : : Claudine, how many pairs of skates are you up to?
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: : : : Thanks Zorg for your help!! :-D
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: : : : Gotta keep your knees bent, but they are great! FUN!! I passed a kid on a mountain bike and I think he was pissed cause he couldnt pass me lol. They are so fast and comfy. I dont think good for ramps or jumps with the short plates but they put you in a good fast position for speed. Give you room to bend a lot too. I can corner much better on these when you put your weight on the back wheels, they make really sharp turns. I'll put my skinny trucks on there so I can do tricks on them too. Now my legs hurt from skating lol. I love them!!
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: : : : : Cool!!!!! Very nice skates!! now you are ready to catch inliners ;-)
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: : : : : : Yep, like Walid Nouh's. I might go back to narrow trucks or I might put my old grind bar on them, I'll see. Right now I feel like I will fall backwards but I will be zooming cool on my rear wheels with these! The shoes are comfy. Off to test them, need to find a dry spot to slam on my a$$ a few lol!
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