Vertical Rollerskating


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zorg (videos by zorg) (pictures by zorg)
They are wicked fast but...
Don't worry, it take some time to ride on the 2 rear wheels ;-) Some even slalom on one wheel (0.5 indeed)

: I cant seem to balance on my rear wheels only. Are they too forward or will this take some time?
: I dont think I can skate in a regular rink anymore. I go twice as fast as everyone else and hardly push lol. I think my legs have gotten strong!
: : Cool!!!!! Very nice skates!! now you are ready to catch inliners ;-)
: :
: : : Yep, like Walid Nouh's. I might go back to narrow trucks or I might put my old grind bar on them, I'll see. Right now I feel like I will fall backwards but I will be zooming cool on my rear wheels with these! The shoes are comfy. Off to test them, need to find a dry spot to slam on my a$$ a few lol!
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