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They are wicked fast but...
Yeah, these skates are MUCH faster! I almost kept up with the inliners when they were doing pace drills!! :-D I think I will once I get wheels that dont slip and I can corner well. I can side surf on these now some. The balance is still much harder.

These skates are really good cause they teach you how to sit on the potty while you skate lol. Really good for speed and ramps!! First time my quads hurt skating. I donno what the others are talking about, these soccer shoes are pretty good boots, esp. for $9!

: Don't worry, it take some time to ride on the 2 rear wheels ;-) Some even slalom on one wheel (0.5 indeed)
: : I cant seem to balance on my rear wheels only. Are they too forward or will this take some time?
: :
: : I dont think I can skate in a regular rink anymore. I go twice as fast as everyone else and hardly push lol. I think my legs have gotten strong!
: :
: : : Cool!!!!! Very nice skates!! now you are ready to catch inliners ;-)
: : :
: : : : Yep, like Walid Nouh's. I might go back to narrow trucks or I might put my old grind bar on them, I'll see. Right now I feel like I will fall backwards but I will be zooming cool on my rear wheels with these! The shoes are comfy. Off to test them, need to find a dry spot to slam on my a$$ a few lol!
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