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The present
: : I thought he was upset over missed opportunities? If not, I guess I missunderstood lol.
: It is quite well possible that I misunderstood ...
: : But I find it sad how few roller skaters there are too. I have noone that I have ever seen do a trick ever or pump the halfpipe in person to learn from so I'm working out of a vaccuum here. All I have is u-tube.
: Aw, come on! When I started, I had no other roller skater, no Youtube, no forum, no internet, ...

Really? How did you know how to start? UR pretty amazing then! If I hadnt seen Lisa on the internet, I wouldnt have thought it was possible or would have felt that it was inlines/skateboards or nothing. Maybe later I might have tried....... I never even saw a roller skater skate outside, so I had to ask Lisa lol. I guess I was lucky to run across her site. Thats why I tried to post stuff on mine.

: : Then I start to think others might start but they dont? I keep hoping Majja might post again but I doubt it. How sad.......
: Sweden lies in perpetual darkness through the winter. I guess you have to wait till spring ...

Wow, I couldnt handle that!! Well, I hope she comes back. :-D
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