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The future
: I live near the 9/11 site. After that, everyday is a good day for me. I appreciate and have learned many things from the past, try to live fully and happily in the present and look forward to the future. Usually the senior skater, I only hope to continue having fun rollerskating for many more years and don't worry much about else. I now have mild arthritis in my lower spine, but so far it has not stopped me from rolling or snowboarding. Appreciate every day you get and have fun whatever you do!
: Rollercon: many rooms will be rented and I'm sure floorspace will be available at no cost. Airfare and money for food and fun is all you'll need.
: When spring arrives, I wanna road trip to MD to check out Greenbelt & Landsdowne.
That would be awesome!! That will make my entire spring to see you skate. :-D I havent been to landsdowne yet but if this weather holds, I'm planning on giving that a go this weekend. I might try greenbelt this week too if my knee doesnt give me shit.

Well, I think if I get a ticket early, prices are lower? I'll have to check this out. But I cant ask my boss about vacation my first 2 weeks of work lol.

Yeah, if you've ever been close to death, you start living it up day by day cause there is no guarantee for tomorrow.

: : Well, unfortunately I dont think our sport will ever be popular. So I skate alone usually but still I wish I had several other skating pals to roll with. I will save my pennies for rollercon, but I'm not sure how many pennies that is lol.
: :
: : I just hope I can keep going for 15+ more years cause I have so much fun with it!! I love the speed skating now, but nothing compares to the thrills/rewards of the ramps/bowls. I didnt skate today cause its cold and after my skate-a-thon, my knees been pretty sore. But I cant wait to wake up tomorrow morning and go skating!! I'm a very happy girl here!! :-D
: :
: : My advice: dont hold onto the past, nor try to compare yourself with others, nor fret too much about the future. These will make you unhappy. My Dad didnt understand how I could be so positive with all the crap/financial problems I was having. I told him I'm healthy, I have my skates and furry family, I have food and shelter, whats there to complain about? Not many people can have this fun my age so why not be happy and positive? I'm actually a greedy gal, I now have 4 sets of skates to roll on lol!
: :
: : : Claudine, you are so lucky to have what we did not have 15 years ago. With that said, I respect you so much. You are so enthusiastic and appreciate skating more than anyone that I have met. The fact that you have started a non popular sport and doing it at our age is awesome. You are definitely a motivation to me and probably many others. Everytime I read your posts I am amazed. You are so addicted to skating and I think that is so cool. I don't care how good anyone is as long as they love the sport. I have had some ideas in the past as well as today to promote our sport and hope I will actually do something about it.
: : :
: : : : Dont fret so much dwelling on the past. There is no past for me with skating. I never saw a skatepark til about a year and a half ago. I'm starting just now. I dont care, its still just as fun. I guess I need to figure out how to keep myself healthier longer, thats all. I would never do this for money or fame, just for fun. In a year from now I hope to be skating daily!! Right now I must put work and school first til things get rollin, but I will still skate as much as I can.
: : : :
: : : : : I am sure that most of you have been to this site, but I thought this was such a cool bio that was written.
: : : : : You can also click on the rollerskate photo link and see the most amazing skating.
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: : : : : Reading that article really made me look back with a lot of regret or knowledge of missed opportunities. I was probably at my prime around 1984 and then all of the parks closed down and I had no place to skate. I did skate a couple of times off and on through out the years. Reading that article made me realize how many legends I skated with and how many opportunties I missed. I got into inline in 1992 and that is when I went to Europe and skated with rollerskaters like Martin Broich and Toto Ghali. When I got home, instead of pursuing skating, I got a job. I did skate a little, but really had nowhere to skate. I met some guys at an inline contest and ended up skating in Aarons backyard. Because I worked so much, I rarely skated. I skated with Arlo, Angie, Alan, Brook and many of the big skaters. At one point, I thought about quiting my job and trying to go pro, but instead I thought I would be responsible. I even had an opportunity to move into the house Arlo lived and skate the ramp next door everyday. Talk about regret! The career that I chose lasted 7 years. I was very successful and made very good money, but it ended up meaning nothing. At least now I am skating again and I am doing it because I love it.
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: : : : : By the way, Bernhard are you the photog on those pics on his site?
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