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The present
: : : Aw, come on! When I started, I had no other roller skater, no Youtube, no forum, no internet, ...
: : :
: :
: : Really? How did you know how to start?
: I've just been fascinated by moving on roller skates back then. I would have never thought of skating ramps then. It's been the local skateboarders who pushed me into it.
: But how did others know how to start? I mean the pioneers like Duke Rennie, Fred Blood, Tim Altic, Thomas Kalak, Martin Broich, ...
: Even Lisa at first knew of no other roller skaters ...
: : UR pretty amazing then! If I hadnt seen Lisa on the internet, I wouldnt have thought it was possible or would have felt that it was inlines/skateboards or nothing.
: There even weren't inliners back then. To most of us, inlines is something pretty new ...

I guess in time on roller skates if there were a skatepark around, ideas might come up. Lisa mentioned she saw pictures on the internet first. But thats cool that others started this because it would have taken me a while before I would think of this on my own and I'm not 12 anymore. I guess I'm pretty lucky then cause I do have people I can talk to to learn faster!
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