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New skates!
Very nice setup!!!!! With brand new Rainskate Tsunami for carving ditches?!!! yayaya!!! Please tell us how you like them!!


: I finished them, YIPPEE!!! Now I'm set for life. :-D I will shorten the bolts some cause they seem pretty close to the hanger if I put my trucks super loose. I cut down the tracker plates, trimmed up the heel, took out rivets, etc. No blood this time, just sore hands. The plastic in the sole was super hard so I didnt use any washers. I dont think it will pull through. The nuts I have for the mounting bolts arent the ones with rubber, but have these locking washers on them. They loosen some, should I change them? On my other skates I tighten them up once a month. If it squeaks I know to tighten them.
: The only problem I see is that one plate I centered a mm or 2 too far out compared to the other one. I guess it wont be a problem. Most places mount plates up to 4 mm to the inside which I hate cause then you feel like the skates are going to skate in. But I"m a perfectionist so I can see if I mess up a mm. Otherwise, rode them in the kitchen and they are awesome, feel perfect! These plates are 1/4" longer, OK for stability for street. I've got a double air pillow in these plus an insole that molds to your foot, so extra cushiony for jumping! These run wide so I could do this. :-D
: No, I didnt get any other work done yesterday lol.
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