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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
New skates!
: I signed the papers 2 weeks ago! Still nothing. Its really expensive too.

My health insurance also is way too expensive. I keep telling me to do something about it, but always put it off. :-(

: So I havent pushed them again since I'm trying to put away money for rent. Right now I'm in fear of losing my job since they want someone totally amazing (creatively/designs) and I seem to not be living up to their standards.

And probably for even less money. Sounds like exploitation to me.

: I put in 200% and thats not enough it seems.

Keep your head up. You are doing good work.

: I dont think they can do anything for it either. I can walk so its not totally ruptured. Its swollen but my pants still are falling off me so not extremely so. Just not healed. I'm sad!! I need an outlet after work!

How about swimming? If you can do this, maybe it helps.
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