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New skates!
: : I signed the papers 2 weeks ago! Still nothing. Its really expensive too.
: My health insurance also is way too expensive. I keep telling me to do something about it, but always put it off. :-(
: : So I havent pushed them again since I'm trying to put away money for rent. Right now I'm in fear of losing my job since they want someone totally amazing (creatively/designs) and I seem to not be living up to their standards.
: And probably for even less money. Sounds like exploitation to me.
: : I put in 200% and thats not enough it seems.
: Keep your head up. You are doing good work.
: : I dont think they can do anything for it either. I can walk so its not totally ruptured. Its swollen but my pants still are falling off me so not extremely so. Just not healed. I'm sad!! I need an outlet after work!
: How about swimming? If you can do this, maybe it helps.

I will check into the pool, but I think only really early Sat mornings I can go since I work all day. I"m sure I could put a buoy in my legs. I hate swimming but I'm hating sitting all day long more. The cost of living right now is so high for me. Between food, rent and gas, I'm almost broke already. And I dont even eat out nor eat high off the food chain.

Well, today went OK. One day I do good, the next its "the worst thing I've ever seen. This really sucks!" My coworker gets the same. We are both looking for a new job. I think I still have time. I dont think she will find anyone better then me. Not for designing toys. I just wish I had my outlet after work. Thats worse then anything that can happen during the day. With skating, I still come home on top the world no matter what happens.
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