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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
tracker plates
: But I think if you glued some 0.05" aluminum sheet metal on both sides of some hardwood, you could cut your own. Just line up the bases really even, figure out how long you want the axel distance, trace, drill holes and cut off 1 mm extra off each side of the distance of the base plates.

In principle you are right, but the gluing process seems to be difficult. I know of some people in Germany who tried to imitate the Tracker base. They used some special glue and even then managed to destroy the plates skating. I have to mention that this roller skater was some tough guy, however. He once split the coping of a ramp by doing a handplant to front flip and not diving into the ramp correctly but sitting on the coping with his hind quarters.
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