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protection, again
Here is my arm after wrist guards! These are the hired hands. But now I understand how to fall safely after watching the vert competition. No I wont do street for certain now since even the "pros" fall crazy. I learned I should really only be sliding on my knees and lean back, not falling forward where I slide on my knees & wrist guards or putting out my arm to protect my bum hip. I'm going to heal fully for a few more weeks now too. I will practice sliding on my knees, leaning back and twisting to get on my knees ALL the time once I'm healed so its automatic. But I'm wondering if there are safer wrist guards? Plastic is now scaring me.

The wrist guard dug into my arm I think, the plastic. I'm not sure how I fell exactly, it was sideways somehow. I cant rotate wrist outward now without stiffness and pain. Its swollen but I can move all joints and not that swollen that something is broken or ripped. My elbow doesn't hurt so not sure why its all bruised and my hand is fine. Is there something I could wear so I can roll my skateboard at least soon? Should I put a piece of foam under the wrist guard plastic? I saw a guy skating with a cast on but I dont want to go to the Dr. to get a cast for a sprain so I can skate lol. I think all I can do is let it heal and slowly start to moving it the full range of motion every day.

Also knee pads. Finally found a pair thats not for kids that fit me without gaskets. Yeah, the youth protec fit my knee lol but the plastic part is small but the small street Protec dont spin around my knee either and arent ridiculously wide! So I can put these on and skateboard if I dont have time to change like I have to do with the scabs and get my knees more together. For skateboard I find I need to get my knees more together but with quads I skate wide. I assume these arent as good as the scabs tho? The boneless kinda fit too and were narrow but the ones I tried on that cap was round, and the straps weren't comfy and secure buckle. I saw other at the comp from boneless that had better straps but these looked like they would open easily. Any opinions? I guess for street I will skate protecs and vert bowls I will stick with scabs. I dont know why my bones are so tiny lol.

Sorry so long a post but not skating is hard for me so I need to to find out what I can do to now be injury FREE and for many, many years. I'll put up the vert comp. photos next weekend on my site, enough typing this weekend! BTW, they are letting me skate in the midatlantic comp., so in Aug I will. Cant compete but I just want to show the crowd that quads are rad too!
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