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protection, again
: : I think I will still wear them since I do think they help out on slides, but now I wont think they help out on hard falls, they dont!
: Yeah. Just don't slam on your hands or arms. Always land in the transistion and slide it out. This takes the impact out of your fall. If you do a full impact (e.g. by landing directly in the flat) you have to absorb all you kinetic energy. By sliding it out, you can convert almost all the kinetic energy into friction.
: : I try not to talk about my injuries to non skaters cause then I have people ask me, "How old are you? Arent you a little OLD for skating? How about swimming? lol.
: You can ask them back: "Ain't I a bit young to stop having fun?"

Honestly, sk8n does more for my health then takes from it! I'm happy, try my best to keep in the best of health, much stronger then I have been in years and really love living life! I think if you took out my joy in life, I would just be blah and going down the tubes like most people my age. So far so good, need no meds yet. Got my cholesterol back in the normal range on my own too! ;-D BTW, my arm is doing a touch better today. Trying to figure out what fun I can do. Darn, cant have fun riding the motorcycles at Dave and Busters. I am listed on the top 10!!
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