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protection, again
: Here is my arm after wrist guards!

Looks quite nasty. Take care!

: But now I understand how to fall safely after watching the vert competition. No I wont do street for certain now since even the "pros" fall crazy.

Street is really dangerous, since you have far less options for controlled falls. In that respect the big ramps are best. You have lots of transistion where you can control your fall.

: I learned I should really only be sliding on my knees and lean back, not falling forward where I slide on my knees & wrist guards or putting out my arm to protect my bum hip.

That's it. Use your knee pads to fall without harm.

: But I'm wondering if there are safer wrist guards?

Wrist guards don't prevent fractures, they just relocate the point where it happens from the very delicate wrist to the forearm. I never use wrist guards but only gloves, but then, my wrists aren't that delicate. I also do not recommend not wearing wrist guards, it's just the case that I never did. And the gloves are there mainly to protect my finger nails which I need for playing the (classical) guitar.

: Should I put a piece of foam under the wrist guard plastic?

I can't give any recommendation as to that since I have no experience with wrist guards. But I did have foam protecting knuckles or palm sometimes in my gloves. I found this protections quite useful back then, but didn't have it since uncountable years.

Take care of your body! We do not want you to hurt yourself!
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