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protection, again
: : : : I think I will still wear them since I do think they help out on slides, but now I wont think they help out on hard falls, they dont!
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: : : Yeah. Just don't slam on your hands or arms. Always land in the transistion and slide it out. This takes the impact out of your fall. If you do a full impact (e.g. by landing directly in the flat) you have to absorb all you kinetic energy. By sliding it out, you can convert almost all the kinetic energy into friction.
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: : : : I try not to talk about my injuries to non skaters cause then I have people ask me, "How old are you? Arent you a little OLD for skating? How about swimming? lol.
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: : : You can ask them back: "Ain't I a bit young to stop having fun?"
: :
: : Honestly, sk8n does more for my health then takes from it! I'm happy, try my best to keep in the best of health, much stronger then I have been in years and really love living life! I think if you took out my joy in life, I would just be blah and going down the tubes like most people my age. So far so good, need no meds yet. Got my cholesterol back in the normal range on my own too! ;-D BTW, my arm is doing a touch better today. Trying to figure out what fun I can do. Darn, cant have fun riding the motorcycles at Dave and Busters. I am listed on the top 10!!
: hi, we have motorbikes too but sk8ting is more fun.
: you might have to knock a few volts out of your dynamo. just for the minute, until you heal. judging by the look of that elbow, you really hurt yourself. pull back a little and just practice carving etc , we dont want you to wind up like a gimp.
: i agree to keep wearing wristgaurds, theyll come in handy once you start doing inverts, also theres no reason we cant roll on for another decade or so. i think were up to it, ok cheers for now and please take it easy beanie.

I think this weekend I'll start to ride my bike on a trainer, then in another week or so I'll roll easy on the skateboard where I can run off it. I'm starting my new job in one week so I cant chance my right arm. Its not serous pain but it aches constantly. The elbow actually doesnt hurt. Wrapping and ice ease that up a bit. The agony of not sk8n hurts more.....

But I'm so darn bored now. When I go back to sk8n, I'll just carve when it comes to vert. I'll leave the tricks to the little bowls for awhile. I'll try to control myself til Aug-Sept when I will get some benefits. Gosh Robert, how do you manage to just carve? I dont seem to have that much self control. I was doing grabs 8 feet up the wall and I thought I was only skating 6 1/2 feet up lol, whoops! Its just too much fun.

Oh the motorcycle is just a simulator game. I love it! I can even spin on my head on the seat lol when I go off jumps, I'm so rad! The streets here are too dangerous for me to ride a real one. I was going to get myself a scooter but I dont want to chance my life yet.

Any recommendation for better wrist guards or are they all the same? I just hope I only wear them now, not use them. If anyone wants to post a how to fall on vert video, I would love it. I hope you all are rippin it up for me!!
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