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Glad to hear you are doing OK! :-D I'm still lost what to do but I think I need to get reinsured and borrow money to get it looked at. The pain is less but when I try to force rotate it, my elbow goes up. My other arm doesnt do that til it goes past the palms up mode. So I think I have to do this because I'm worrying myself nutso on if its healing in a deformed way.

Anyway was wondering what are you doing now to stay fit and have fun? Some days I get overwhelmed with this all and the bike thing is too much. Its very boring. I was going to start running but this weekend the heat is above 100 F and I have no air conditioning. But it should cool off a bit. Does running aggravate it? It aches 24-7 so the though of pounding doesnt sound pleasant but it might be OK. I was ok on the scooter til I had to grip the handlebars.

: : How R U Bernhard? How did the surgery go?
: I'm very fine, thank you. The surgery went well and the doctor pushed up my value by putting a titanium plate on the fracture of the little finger middle hand bone. With the addition of all the gold in my mouth I'm now quite a valuable person. ;-) The rest of the fractures didn't need to be fixed. In one week I will get a different cast which will allow me more movement.
: : I will most likely get medical coverage next month and then I will take care of my arm. I am trying to find a 2nd job so I can pay for my basics since I cant afford this. I dont want to be disabled tho. Hope you are ok.
: I very much hope that your arm will be OK again. Take it easy and learn to avoid crash landings. You should always land in the transition and slide it out on your knee pads.
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