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I read what is wrong....
Well, the constant ache is at the middle where my wrists guards end, and that bone (radial) seems to go inward instead of straight. So I'm thinking that is where its at. Pretty sure the bone does the same thing no matter where its broken. I got 3 weeks and I'll get it fixed. I'm doing well at my job! Gets my mind off of it. My Mom gave me a big lecture yesterday that I am too old for skating and she will never watch me skate, its abusing myself. Grrr... She is hoping I will learn my lesson lol. I did. I need better wrist guards and take lessons from Robert, go slowly, no chancing without medical.

: : : : I cant supinate my forearm. Seems like if I tore something, I would have loseness. Looks like I have a fracture or dislocation at the radial head. :-(
: : :
: : : I'm not happy at all to read this. You should leave the US to live in a better place where medical care isn't a privilege of the rich.
: :
: : Since I havent gone to the ER, not sure how much debt it would be. Sometimes they can lower the bills but I dont know. But if I reinstate my medical, its $378/month. We are getting a stimulus check for $600 which would cover almost 2 months. So I need to borrow for now then I can be over with it with just a little extra working a second job.
: :
: : I'm surprised my elbow didnt hurt. It was what was bruised and swollen the most and what rotates the arm. But once I get it, I'm thinking it might be dislocated since I never felt sharp pains that I remember. I guess they just pop it back in, get a touch of therapy, and I'm on my way. I think I will get more involved in anything that would improve this situation with our country. Seems like for those that retire, it gets worse and worse. I hate to say this, I hope when I cant do anymore and work, I am 6 feet under. My mom told me in Germany its much better for retirement and you get more time off but there you cant afford to collect as much junk as here lol. Like I want to collect a bunch of junk in my tiny apartment. Just skates!
: down under sill has affordable healthcare. there is something you can do to help fix your country, it involves voting a cocksmoker out come november.
: anyway thats enough shit stirring for now, cheers, h .
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