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: : Glad to hear you are doing OK! :-D I'm still lost what to do but I think I need to get reinsured and borrow money to get it looked at. The pain is less but when I try to force rotate it, my elbow goes up. My other arm doesnt do that til it goes past the palms up mode. So I think I have to do this because I'm worrying myself nutso on if its healing in a deformed way.
: It's an outrage that you have to pay so much just to get looked at. When I broke my left thumb eight years ago, the whole treatment cost about 280 Euros. There is other stuff going in the wrong direction in this country but with healthcare, the US seem to be lightyears ahead of us. :-(
: : Anyway was wondering what are you doing now to stay fit and have fun?
: I'm not doing much physically at the moment, being freshly operated. I also have to stay away from work for at least the following week. Probably running will be the first activity I can resume. For roller skating, I would be able to lace up my shoes which I can't with my current cast. Anyway, there is enough other stuff to pass the time. Reading, Kakuro, internet, ...

In the US, a break without insurance means going to the ER and could cost $100,000+ debt it seems. It would ruin you forever. They can literally charge $1,000 just for a bandaid without medical. This problem leads people to sue in order to come ahead, then the cost of malpractice insurance goes up, rates go up, etc. etc.

My Mom cant even retire because to cover health care she would run out of money to live. My Dad is 75 and still working! The US does not take care of the working poor to lower middle class nor the elderly. Maybe I should reconsider having to be reinsured. I cant take off work really at all. I have to borrow money just for the insurance if I want to eat. Today I ate very little to save money since I'm just lying around bored and not doing anything. I'm not sure why I even have so much energy still. But if I wait til I get medical, it will be over 5 months past the injury! I hope I never run into this situation again.

I was told a break or a rupture, I would be in such extreme pain I couldnt sleep or work. I could. Then again when I fractured my ribs I didnt miss a minute of class after I got out of the hospital and slept fine, didnt take pain pills but a couple days. I didnt go to the Dr til a month after I broke my butt. I didnt want to be a pain in the ass lol. Thats it for my major injuries, none of which they did anything but they reinflated my lung when my rib punctured it. I actually was in the ER and didnt want any pain meds but my friend told me to take it cause I would feel good lol. Like I said, the pain of not skating and worrying over the injury is worse then the actual pain. But since I cant move it I'm very worried. I have a high pain tolerance it seems.
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