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Hey Robert,

Thanks! I have been skating vert for about 22 years. I'm 45 now, I started skating roller skates at 18, and found vert somewhere around the age of 23.

I started out in a rink, but I skated everywhere!! Then, I met the Urban Animals--► they were an outdoor Houston skate group that was very rough around the edges; Like Mad max on rollerskates! We skated parking garages downtown, played pick-up games of outdoor hockey, and hit the bars for last call to cool down afterwards. We also used to joust in the streets at festivals. One of the skaters with the group suggested that I would be perfect for vert....
so here I am. :D


: Hey bro,
: Nice to see another quad skater on here. I like the way you switch from sidestance to parallel. What is your story? Have you been skating for a long time? Are you just getting back into it or have you been going strong for many years?
: : :
: :
: : Dang, love the handplants! I hope I will be able to do those again one day soon. If you send me pics, I am doing quad vert t-shirts. I am a graphic artist/illustrator. I am not sk8n now and I hope I can start doing artwork real soon. If you have photos of handplants and give me permission to do so, it would be my honor to do you too.
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