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comminuted fracture
Thats what I have and the radial bone is smashed into my other bone, its one bone now with one is cracked in at a 30 deg. angle. I CRIED!!!! Dr sent me to the ER so I thought they would do something since the radiology lady said they could fix it and Dr said it was an emergency. All I got was this enormous fiberglass splint from half way down my fingers to almost my freakin Shoulder. I said I cant work like this! The Dr said to go to an ortho and it might be too late or I would need a plate, Crap,,, I might never be able to move my arm!! One lady said I could take it off since its 2 pieces but I just had my bf cut out the palm of my hand so I could use a mouse lol. WTF does moving my fingers have to do with the fracture that is 2/3rd up to my elbow? I might still have to take the splint off at work cause I really dont want to be homeless. Life is not good, I just wanna skate! And open the door with my right arm one day.
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