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comminuted fracture
: : Robert, if they dont do surgery I wont need PT,, my arm will never get back mobility again.
: In Germany or in Switzerland (or in any other civilized country) there would be no question in this regard. It's medically necessary to regain your capability and therefore it will be done. My physiotherapist told me this morning that it happens indeed in the US that you won't get fixed up. But you have to! Keep on fighting for your health! Or do it like Michael Moore and go to Cuba ...
: Anyhow, as far as I understand, you don't have enough money for living at the moment because of your insurance. I would to help you out a bit. Could you send me your account data? I was very hesitant to write this in the forum, but maybe someone else wants to help a but, too.

My boyfriend is helping me out and lending me money this month but when he is not around, I go hungry. That pain is worse then this injury!! I SHOULD get my rent lowered cause I am SUPPOSED to be in low income housing where rent is based on income. But there has been problems which I am trying to rectify so I am paying full rent now which is 75% of my income working full time, and it shouldnt be. I might need to take you up on your offer. I hope not! I think I can work a day after the surgery, but my bf is working an overnight camp so if I cant drive...ugh. We work 10 mins apart.

I see the orthopedist today at 3 pm. If he says it is healed too much, I will ask him how I can best rebrake it myself. I will rip bowls or take a hammer to it if need be but isnt this rediculous????? Physical pain I can handle, I dont want to be disabled. I dont care now if I never own anything or die in deep debt. I just like to rollerskate, paint, my animals and to eat and sleep with a roof over my head. I dont need that much money for this. Had I known this I would have been happy to be $100,000+ in debt when it happened. I thought I had a sprain though. I've never had a serious injury like this. I tune out pain well it seems.
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