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comminuted fracture
: My boyfriend is helping me out and lending me money this month but when he is not around, I go hungry.

You shouldn't. There isn't too much flesh on your bones as it is!

: That pain is worse then this injury!! I SHOULD get my rent lowered cause I am SUPPOSED to be in low income housing where rent is based on income. But there has been problems which I am trying to rectify so I am paying full rent now which is 75% of my income working full time, and it shouldnt be.

I hope you will get this sorted out. Isn't any easier when you are injured.

: I might need to take you up on your offer.

Don't hesitate. There aren't that many roller skaters around.

: I see the orthopedist today at 3 pm. If he says it is healed too much, I will ask him how I can best rebrake it myself.

Tell him that you NEED to get your arm fixed! There must be a way even in barbaric countries.
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