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: : Good luck today at the ortho, I'm sure they can fix anything these days. Let them do the breaking tho!
: Let's hope they fix her up correctly. I'm also pretty sure they can do it, but not so sure they will.
: : What do you like to eat most? I'd be glad to help out, too. Mr B is too kind ;-)
: We have to get our go-for-it girls through ...

Well I'm celiac so that sucks too but I think I love to eat everything lol. I have no idea why I am so skinny cause I like to eat non stop. I'm Miss Munchie at work! But I wish I had an apple tree in my backyard.... I think thats my favorite food right now cause they are really expensive so usually I have only one a day now and I'm always craving apples. I love the pink ladys and granny smiths the best. And Natures Hilights pizza. :-D And peanut butter on anything and everything. I'm so simple lol. And oranges, yum, and watermelon and potatoes with more potatoes and vegetarian chicken salad and pistachios and pumpkin seeds and soy chips and baby spinach and these GF brownies and dark chocolate and fresh white corn and chocolate protein shakes and salsa and hummus and corn crackers and peaches and plums and apricots, and these frozen fruit popsicles that my bf gets at the organic market and everything thats easy lol. I just like to eat! ;-D But I'm getting surgery, hopefully tomorrow. WOW, it was a crazy day! I will post about this above.

I'm so happy to be a vert roller skater. The inliners dont accept me, rink skaters dont either which is odd, but I fit in with the boarders pretty good and you guys are so cool. Irene, promise me even if they turn me into a cripple, you will come down here and rip it up for me to watch cause I wanna see another vert roller skater ride one day in person before I die. But I will be ok and doing handplants one day!! I'll try......
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