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on a good note....
my forearm is HUGE now, bigger then my wrist wh/ is amazzzing. :-D cant even move my elbow now but he said no big deal.

: heres my arm. 15 stitches 6 screws, plates. stitches out were easy, bf turned grey and felt faint do he had to sit down lol. alcohol rub on arm was orgasmic! but i have a ruler like plate in my arm. tried to scan it in, hope you can see but its scary to me to look at. but for an inch, no bone only couple fragments, all black there. so its up to my body to try to make new bone from a few donor fragments. it might not happen, then in another month will need to take bone from my leg, another surgery, double one. so bone is held together by a paper clip he said. if i fall, surgery again. only can walk now. dark leafy greens, fruit, nuts/seeds, beans, soy, some protein, esp. fish but she also told me i should eat chicken since muscle will help me to protect it. so if you have good leafy green ideas, email them to me! i am lactose intolerant and calcium better absorbed by greens anyway. i cant do all potato meals tho lol, darn.
: im scared. my bf said i should rest more and i try but hyperactive and i find it hard to sleep since i do nothing all day. right now sk8n is impossible, nothing much is holding the bones together, new cast on tho. hope my graphic friends decorate it pretty! i have to think positive but scared.
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