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h. ludi.
on a good note....
: what sucks is that i dont know what to do/not to do that WILL make my bone grow or if there is anything i can do. i think t cells or somethhing are responsible to stimulate new growth and you lose them with age. im not sure if rest is better or if im up and walking is better due to increased circulation or what. i want to watch the competition this weekend but not sure if its a good idea or if i can use my left hand for pictures. i got lactade milk yesterday and made chocolate milk and so far no problems. i am tired of eating so many greens that i feel like a rabbit lol. the chicken doesnt help the bone grow, just preserves thr muscle i have i think to protect it. i couldnt lift my arm much when they took the cast off so lost muscle. wow, this problem is too much, dont want another surgery!!!! i should have scanned in original xrays, they weree freaky. i cried but i thought i was fixed by now. think ive got to be positive and not let it get me down, any ideas on sedentary fun lol? might be awhile for sure but i will do handplants again and i will have a big ass smile on my face of the happiest girl in the world that ever lived!
:boys look at playboy to encourage bone growth.
: : You are one tough chica. I can't believe you lived with that for so long. I suggest you get into photography during your down time. I am having so much fun shooting pictures and you only need one good arm. Heal up and eat lots of chicken.
: :
: : : Fuck girl thats gnarly .Take it real easy and let it heal proper.The bowls and ramps will still be there when your done and we're all hanging to see your hand plants so fix it right nthe first time.
: : :
: : : cheers joe
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