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on a good note....
: what sucks is that i dont know what to do/not to do that WILL make my bone grow or if there is anything i can do. i think t cells or somethhing are responsible to stimulate new growth and you lose them with age. im not sure if rest is better or if im up and walking is better due to increased circulation or what.

I think both is needed. You can eat building material for you bone as much as you like, but it the blood that transports it through the body. And you also need rest to allow it healing. You are still a young chick so it should heal with ease. ;-)

: i want to watch the competition this weekend but not sure if its a good idea or if i can use my left hand for pictures.

I would decide this depending on how you feel. And if you are too tired, don't go and when you get too tired, leave or find a place to rest. Picture taking with the left hand is difficult. Almost all cameras are designed for the right hand so even left handed persons have to use their right hand.

: i got lactade milk yesterday and made chocolate milk and so far no problems.

That's good news. Calcium is important. The protein will only help with growing muscles when you also excercise them.
Your muscles on your right arm will need to be rebuild once your bone is functional again. But you can keep your other muscles from degrading. Especially the right shoulder is important. Lots of people in your situation don't move their shoulder so they not only need to rehabilitate the arm but also the shoulder.
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