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i tried...
but i was not accepted by quad rink s8rs nor inliners. i mentioned how my trucks carve well and are very stable for bowls and an inliner went off on me. plus when i used to go to the street park across the street, a inliner would give me crap like when are u getting aggressive sk8s/realsk8s? so i dont talk to inliners much anymore unless they r nice to me 1st. they seem to feel threatened. the rink s8rs put me down since the only s8 has a rolline on it w/ a very short wheelbase and the belief is that quads arent for street. i got tired of arguing since that isnt me. my setup is a joke to them so now i keep quiet. but i fit in well w/ the boarders! i didnt go to the competition this weekend but they all asked 4 me. i hope to get better and show what quads can do at a competition since they want me to sk8 but that wont be this year now. most the people at the bowls are amazed and like to watch me wh/ is why i was showing off lol.

some derby girls do roll inside a bowl and in texas some actually carve it. but my experience is that they just mess w/ it, i guess to appear cool. derby is more a team sport & fitting in a group, vert is being ur own w/ no marketing/uniforms wh/ i dont think would appeal to them, i hope to b wrong but they dont take it seriosly and roll a bit as cross training only from what ive heard. i got excited in nov. to sk8 w/ another rollersk8r but she hasnt taken interest sense. i wish i could have given her my grind plate and teach her to drop in but flat ramps were it 4 her, i just sk8 (soon i hope) and hope 1 day another will want to try. for now fitting in somewhere is all i ask for! i wish there were more too and hope it doesnt die and i am healthy to show others how rad quads are!! i just want to sk8, even if its just me and a few of the coolest people in the world here. i just now want to see and sk8 w/ another vert sk8r since i have never yet seen another myself.

: Hi all,
: I am curious if any of you are seeing young vertical rollerskaters? It seems the scene in Europe is still going well, but here in Cali I don't ever see any young kids on skates. Duke Rennie really nailed it when he said we are a dying breed. I know us older folks keep skating, but when we are done will our sport be dead? I am just curious to hear what you are seeing out there. After spending a little time as a vertical inline skater, I now really appreciate how special rollerskating is. Our sport has so much soul and our roots are tied so closely to skateboarding and in my opinion vertical rollerskaters are a pretty amazing group of people. Your thoughts?
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