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How to keep our sport alive?
: : Hi all,
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: : I am curious if any of you are seeing young vertical rollerskaters? It seems the scene in Europe is still going well, but here in Cali I don't ever see any young kids on skates. Duke Rennie really nailed it when he said we are a dying breed. I know us older folks keep skating, but when we are done will our sport be dead? I am just curious to hear what you are seeing out there. After spending a little time as a vertical inline skater, I now really appreciate how special rollerskating is. Our sport has so much soul and our roots are tied so closely to skateboarding and in my opinion vertical rollerskaters are a pretty amazing group of people. Your thoughts?
: We can encourage those who are interested in rollerskates. Invite them to skate, share vids & pics, teach them and share the history and explore it's future. We can contribute to sites that welcome rollerskating, be it skateboarding sites, derby, inline, wherever we can get seen. There is alot on the web already, but more is needed. We can put together a book and try to get published, get magazines to write articles, try to get media exposure. Having a skate on the shelves for youngsters to buy will surely get kids to at least try it. I don't see rollerskating reaching skateboarding/inlining's popularity, but it can be 25-30% of the whole of skating. I hope to see that someday. The youngest I know of is from DC, an artistic skater who competes. We met in 2004. Gaston was just 15 then. I hope he is still skating ramps (sidestance goofy). And, Marta from Spain, around 19. They are both rad rollers. Keep the faith!

i live close to dc and noone around here has seen another vert sk8r in a long long time. any contact info? i would love to see another roller one day! noone i know of in md, dc, va, wva, or pa.
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