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How to keep our sport alive?
: ill be the one that makes art tho so we will live a long long time.

I think that's of key importance. Vertical roller skating will only live if it has it's own (sub-)culture (which I think has a very big overlap with skateboarding culture). IMHO that also means not viewing it too much as a sport. In this way it would automatically be sorted in as trend sport and, since it isn't trendy, be dead immmediately. This is the reason why skateboarding and BMXing lives and thrives and why inline is in a miserable state. Inline tried to distinguish itself from skateboarding (they wore their knee pads under their pants, for example) but when the kids grew dominant there, they got under a growing influence of being assimilated into conventional sports (their parents didn't know better and the kids didn't understand the issue at all). Therefore, very little is left of vert inline. Inline street still is a bit alive, but they have gone very much underground. Which needn't be a bad thing. Skateboarding has been underground for a long time, too, and it seems only to have helped shaping skateboarding culture.
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