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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
How to keep our sport alive?
: : maybe we could do like the mormons and create an accurate register of all known vert rollerskaters.
: : we are a bretheran, and we are morally obliged to leave our legacy for all to see. i reckon that would be a challenge, hey mr b ?
: Nice idea. Irene has put quite some effort into creating such a register and I have seen attempts at such thing in other minority communities (e.g. a register of all known QL users). It surely wouldn't be a problem in principle to create such a register of all those we can connect to, but what with all the disconnected people?

there cant be too many out there more left of centre, non conformist, excentric, or oddball than me, and i managed to find this excellent site, considering i only allowed a computer in the house 3 yrs ago. its a good thing ive mellowed with age.
anything is possible if we believe in it, keep the faith, roll free + strong. every knock is a boost. thanks mr b .
cheers, h .

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