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I just thought is was funny. Joe, I was a sponsored Inline skater and had a great time as well. The Yakotoshi (sp?) brothers are amazing.

: : I think it,s more of an age thing,, the most cocky fuckers I,ve ever met were skateboarders but some of the radest people I,ve met were skateboarders too.I had a ball on inlines for about ten years of my life and now I'm back on my rollerskates, I'm having a ball again.It aint about the act,it,s about the attitude and every scene has it,s dicks and it,s rad folk.There is some awsome inliners out there as there is skateboarders but thete is some real fuckwits too,it seems the rollerskaters have the highest wank to rad ratio out there,maybe cos there seems to be so few of us.Search double flat spin on youtube by one of the rad jap brothers for some mind numbing inline action.Anyone who says that aint rad is lying to cover their pride.
: :
: : cheers joe
: well some of the cockiest sk8rs i know r the rink skrs who just roll in circles and own 25 pairs of $1000+ sks. they think you are nothing unless u own a rolline. would love to show them up on my plastic plates!
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