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: : I know the oldschool rollerskaters that switched to inline are very cool, but inliners have a really bad reputation. Here is a funny video.
: :
: :
: sounds like its bums to the wall for us.
: Cheers, H.

when i started skn i thought i was most similar to bladers but not at all. many have a bad attitude, wax pool ledges so wax is everywhere and do that to private property and put down all others, pick fights. never had this w/ a boarder so i talk to them now. but its just some, just i dont assume the good now. a couple r cool. i spoke to a guy the other day and he had 2 surgeries, let his heal like me. he told me the hip graft left him unable to walk 1 1/2 weeks but that healed in 6 weeks. still in arm cast 3 months later but he was really cool to me and eased some of my fears so i would consider him a friend, not a foe nor gay. many kids are obnoxious like only rails and are big jerks who blame it on the boarders who do nthing to them. they asct retarded, not gay if you ask me. now all rollersk8rs are the upmost cool!!!!!! :-D no need to rule, we are just happiest rollers!!!
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