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Funny the first skateboard I rode was a rollerskate cut in half that my brother made me.We had never seen one before(living in a small wisky village in Scotland at the time)he just had the same idea that someone had a few years earlier.First roll and we were hooked for life.I would have been 7ish at the time.Then we moved to Oz in 78 and hooked up with Ludi prety Quickly and built our first real ramp in our back yard.Ludi was a seasoned ramp builder by that time and our ramp was probably one of the better ramps around for a few years especialy after we cut it through the centre and added about 8 feet of flat(ramps were all curve back then).Anyhoo Ludi got us full on into Vert and punk and for me,I think I started rollerskating just to be like Ludi.I skated solid through to the late 80's and drifted off for a couple of years till Ludi met a bloke who had an inline shop and was putting together a team,,so I got in on the action.Rolled inlines till about 2000 and drifted off again(always had a board in my car and rolled that here and there)until a couple of years back when I started dreaming about putting a set of rollerskates together again, and got in touch with the scene again via,our local old school skate comunity online club room were I found photos of Ludi terorizing the local bowls(we'd been out of contact for a bit)so I threw a set together and that was about a year or so ago now and I'm loving it again.
So to answer your question finaly Irene, when I started dreaming of skating again,it was rollerskates I dreamed of and it just seemed to feel right with the re-emergance of the old school scene.I do very much like to grind as well.
I guess it could be the same as the old car/bike scene,with all these new wiz bang machines around that do everything 100% better and faster and smoother than the old,folks will still spend shitloads restoring a classic.You have to be in that mind set too understand it,and I recon we are.
Finding these forums was a life changer as well. The first night I stumbled across it I spent all night checking out the pics and I read every post back to the first,with butterflys in my gut.Thanx again Mr B (if you read this far),your a fucking legeng mate.

cheers joe
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