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Claudine, I think geography has a lot to do with things. In some areas different types of sports are popular. I am guessing you live in an area where rink skating is popular and inliners have attitude. I currently live in an area where skateboarding is thriving. I don't see inliners and I am the only rollerskater at my park. Everyone is cool and it is a really great scene. I must admit that I am grateful to skate in a non hating environment. I think the inliners should get credit and there are some amazing skaters. I think the good ones should educate the groms and teach them the history of skating. I always say hi to an inliner if I see one because they are a product of rollerskating. If someone is cool, then I don't care what they are riding. I just took some video yesterday of the pros getting ready for the X Games and I think you all will like this stuff.

: : : After not skating for sixteen years, I decided to end my skating with my roots. I used to skate on conventional skates with really narrow trucks and I did a lot of flips and stuff, but these new skates are so fun. I pretty much just grind, but it is so fun. I think I am back on my rollerskates out of respect for our community. I sold out for a while to be sponsored and had a blast on inlines, but I am old and just want to do what I did as a kid.
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: : : : : u can ignore me 4 now. latelly ive been in most pain of my life ever and work is now hell. ive got the most extreme shooting stabbing sharp gunshot pains ever where ive even screamed at work and im no sissy. maybe built a tolerance to pain meds. but my experiences here w/ a few of the kids were not the best, its the area too. i dont like others flack so i keep to my own. that one inliner i met the other day was really rad and cool to me and gives me ease that 1 day i wont be in pain and skn. i will b happy to sk8 w/ him. but i wont take back that every vert rollrsk8r ive met here is rad!!
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: : : : : : I just thought is was funny. Joe, I was a sponsored Inline skater and had a great time as well. The Yakotoshi (sp?) brothers are amazing.
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: : : : : : : : I think it,s more of an age thing,, the most cocky fuckers I,ve ever met were skateboarders but some of the radest people I,ve met were skateboarders too.I had a ball on inlines for about ten years of my life and now I'm back on my rollerskates, I'm having a ball again.It aint about the act,it,s about the attitude and every scene has it,s dicks and it,s rad folk.There is some awsome inliners out there as there is skateboarders but thete is some real fuckwits too,it seems the rollerskaters have the highest wank to rad ratio out there,maybe cos there seems to be so few of us.Search double flat spin on youtube by one of the rad jap brothers for some mind numbing inline action.Anyone who says that aint rad is lying to cover their pride.
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: : : : : : : : cheers joe
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: : : : : : : well some of the cockiest sk8rs i know r the rink skrs who just roll in circles and own 25 pairs of $1000+ sks. they think you are nothing unless u own a rolline. would love to show them up on my plastic plates!
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: : : : curiosity question: those who have inlined in the past, why are you now on rollerskates? i have my reasons, but am interested in other opinions. thanx ;-}
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: : g day. in the beginning, when you really think about it,rollerskating started it all. those old crud adjustable skates often with metal wheels. cut one in half put them under a piece of wood and youve got a skateboard.
: : we definantly started out that way in the day. over here we would hammer out the axles of narrow trucks and fit allthread with lots of nuts to make superwide trucks which usually bent but we had lots of fun.
: : then we would bolt footy boots onto speedskates put on sims bowlrider wheels and rip em till they gave out.
: : as for roller blades, well i guess they were devised as some sort of punishment.
: : cheers, h .
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: i rollerbladed for all of 5 mins lol cause i thought it would be easier to learn how to grind (slide) and drop in. there was no fun in it for me being on rigid frames. i felt like i was trying to run in a straight jacket. i love the rocking feeling of trucks and how they turn. i am in it just to have fun!
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