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Send Positive Vibes To Biff Today!!!
Thank you so much, Jay! This thread has made my day much lighter and promising. I'm posting a pic of my leg. I hope it loads right.

Surgery went well, as far as I can tell. They cleaned up some torn meniscus that they found, as well as reattached my torn quad tendon. They mentioned one other thing, which I forget what it was called. The quad tendon damage was new, the other stuff was from old injuries!

I'll start icing my leg today (Friday), and I'll be taking the brace off from time to time in order to bend the knee up to 20. I'm already doing some light walking on my leg too, with an assist from the leg brace.


: For those of you who don't know:
: Biff's in surgery in Texas today for his knee. I think it would be AWESOME & appropriate for us rollerskaters to send all our positive vibes/energy/kharma whatever you want to call it to Biff today.
: I've been doing it since I started work @ 5am this morning & hope it's working.
: Thanks, everybody......
: HEAL WELL BROTHER, BIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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