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Ha! There is a guy in the ortho clinic I went to, that seems like he is into impressing others with his manliness. I'm glad that I got a female doctor. She was down to earth, and to tell you the truth, I think women are better suited to pay attention to detailed work better than men. I trusted her to do it right, with little wasted time on preening her peacock feathers.

Sorry guys. LOL!

: Ah, at first I've been limping around for a month, hoping for my leg to get better. Finally, I realized that it something worse than a strain and I went to an orthopedist. Well, he suggested consulting a specialist at the university hospital. That cost me another month and I even didn't get to see the head physician I had waited so long for, but only his deputy who obviously was eager to butcher me. But since he only made the impression of wanting to impress a female assistant physician and not of having experience with really re-attaching quadriceps tendons, I decided to drop all of those physicians and went for a real butchering specialist who explained the surgery in a clear and understandable way and who also had done this several times already. Well, I should have gone to him immediately, but I hoped to get away with no surgery for too long. However, I'm glad now that I did it. Live is so much better with two functioning legs.
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