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: That could be what your problem was. My doctor reccomended getting the surgery done immediately! She said that the longer you wait, the greater the chance is that surgery will not help. How long did you wait?

Ah, at first I've been limping around for a month, hoping for my leg to get better. Finally, I realized that it something worse than a strain and I went to an orthopedist. Well, he suggested consulting a specialist at the university hospital. That cost me another month and I even didn't get to see the head physician I had waited so long for, but only his deputy who obviously was eager to butcher me. But since he only made the impression of wanting to impress a female assistant physician and not of having experience with really re-attaching quadriceps tendons, I decided to drop all of those physicians and went for a real butchering specialist who explained the surgery in a clear and understandable way and who also had done this several times already. Well, I should have gone to him immediately, but I hoped to get away with no surgery for too long. However, I'm glad now that I did it. Live is so much better with two functioning legs.
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