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Editing posts
: Is there any way to make this site so that it will allow the person posting to fix (edit) his/her own posts? Sometimes, I want to go fix a post, if a pic didn't take, or if I left something out, etc..

Someday, maybe. But first I have to implement authentication. You wouldn't want everybody to be able to edit your posts, would you? Therefore there has to be a login and editing would only be possible if you are logged in. Until this is implemented, you can always ask me to repair a post.

: Also, a button for 'All Read' would be good too. Every time I clear my cache at home, posts I already read now show up as 'not read'!! Drives me crazy!!

I've got no idea at the moment how this should be done at the moment. The forum has no concept of read/unread posts. Do you mean the way your browser shows links already visited?
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