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: Bernard, the forum rocks, Bro. Seriously. I know the rest of you guys will laugh at me, but I swear just 3 years ago I truly thought I was the only guy in the US still vertical rollerskating. That's how the whole "Jay The RollerSkater" thing started with me. Everyone I knew & skated with called me that because, literally I was the only rollerskater any of them had ever seen.

I had the same experience when I started in the eighties. The kids in the skate park called me "the roller", and it sounded like a title to me. I got to know more roller skaters since there where a few in Germany back then. We also had quite a few contests back then.

In 1999, when I put my first web page online, I thought I was the only roller skater left and I thought the best I could give to the world was this page how to build vertical roller skates. Then Brian found me and encouraged me to start the forum (I already used the software for the forums. I just needed to internationalize it).

: So when Dawn (my better half, who's getting almost as big as a house right now) found Duke through MySpace, & I was able to talk to him then actually skate with him, Desi & Lee I was beside myself. :)

It was unbelievable to me to meet all those roller skaters in 2004 in Woodward. Amazing people! I hope also hope to meet more of you and have a good skate with you.
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