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I like it the way it is too, simple and effective! And I know enough about programming to know how time consuming and complicated it is that I am even more appreciative of this board and the work that went into it. Mr. B is the man!!!!!

BTW, its been 12 weeks. My arm should be OK now for easy rolling. I hope to go this weekend first time. :-D!

: Hi Joe,
: thanks for your kind words. There's a lot of truth to them. You can't have your pie and eat it too, There are always compromises and we have to try to find a good balance.
: As for the spammers: I believe that they don't have a concious interest in our forum. The spam posts showing up here are generated automatically by spam bots. I think the people responsible for this aren't even aware of out forum. Or else they would stop spamming it since it is of no use. I find those people disgusting and I don't hesitate to delete their crap.
: The computer literacy of Ludi and you may be whatever it is. Fact is that I (and very likely the whole rest of the forum) am very happy to have you here and I always chuckle about your australian humour. Be assured that new additions to the forum won't make it more complicated.
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