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: Hey MrB,Biff and other assorted good folks,I recon the forum is rad as is.Editing allows for over polishing in my humble opinion.If you fuck something up,,dont stress,,have another go,bit like a skate vid with bails and eating,,warts and all,the best vids are like this,it keeps a human feel to the whole thing and keeps your head in check.I also recon the more tech these spamers get the less interest they'll show in a simple setup like ours.Plus with the mega undertech computer illiterates like Ludi and me,if everything gets too full on,we are bound for failure(Ludi and me that is).
: Just my 2 cents worth.
: cheers joe

Joe, I agree with you completely! I'm a techno-feeb myself. Also, I agree that the occasional screwed up post just shows we're all human. It adds character to our little online 'discussions'. You Aussies really seem to have your heads on straight down there, Brother!

Bernard, the forum rocks, Bro. Seriously. I know the rest of you guys will laugh at me, but I swear just 3 years ago I truly thought I was the only guy in the US still vertical rollerskating. That's how the whole "Jay The RollerSkater" thing started with me. Everyone I knew & skated with called me that because, literally I was the only rollerskater any of them had ever seen. So when Dawn (my better half, who's getting almost as big as a house right now) found Duke through MySpace, & I was able to talk to him then actually skate with him, Desi & Lee I was beside myself. :)
Now that I've found the Forum, & through it all of you, I laugh at myself for thinking I was like the Lone Ranger on Rollerskates!
So, what I'm trying to say, Bernard, is I think you rule for creating/administering this forum. And I'm very Stoked to have access to everybody & our collective & unique experiences. Thanks. I hope to meet you & skate with you sometime soon.
That goes to all the rest of you rollerskaters too!!!

: : : Regardless of what you do or don't do, we are all thankful that you even have this forum here. It is quite a boon to Quad vert skating.
: :
: : I'm trying to make this place as good as I can but it's still a project done in my spare time. And I am very thankful for feedback and hope to use it to make the site more useful for all. It's so great to meet you all in the net and sometimes even in person! :-)
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