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me skating fast
I've never figured out why noone wears any guards. Then people quit skating because they got hurt. I felt like an idiot but I need to learn how to always land on my knee pads and use my elbows. I think I need to have those on consistently to ingrain this. The only time I fell was at the water fountain tripping over the dumb mat lol. I fell backwards but rolled on my butt onto my elbow. So didnt need to put my hand down. So was glad to have them otherwise might have felt the need to put my hand down on my bad arm. I almost never fall at the rink but there is always a 5 yr old that eventually tries to plow you over lol. I already want to go back! I wish rinks werent so pricey and far away since I'm not working. The dr. said no hard falls for another month so dont feel safe doing the streets yet. I hope my bf can get off work early tomorrow and wants to go rollerskating again. Lucky me, he said he wanted to take lessons there (cheapier then admission and free skating too) to learn to roll backwards but after snowboarding season. I think he likes rollerskates now too!

This is very exciting!! I'm glad you guys dont mind me posting my re-beginnings. I cant wait to post my first bowl skate also! :):):):):) I still have to get a video of me just carving and carving and carving. Life is so exciting again!!!! I'm stoked. I'm sore too lol.

: : Bernhard, feel free to delete some photos. I'm going to post some because even though they arent exciting, after all my surgeries and time off, this was one of the most exciting days for me! And I'm tired of posting injury photos. So here is me just skating fast and having fun.
: Hooray, Claudine!!!! So happy to see you rollin! Also happy to see you fully padded up! I always feel naked when I go to the rink & don't wear at least knee & wrist guards, but I never where them & usually regret it.Be careful. Have fun!!!!!!
: PEACE....Jay
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